laupäev, oktoober 11, 2008

0,047 km/h

Tigu, Snail


Anonymous Anonüümne said...

;)) Tigu nõlvakul ;)) Lahe

16/10/08 20:53  
Blogger Smalltown Girl said...

I truly love this one. It is AWESOME! I love taking nature photos and especially love close-ups but I can never manage to get quite this close with my equipment. I have a Nikon D40x, two lenses. One is 18-55mm and the other is 55-200mm. This is just beautiful.

3/2/09 20:05  
Blogger Tanel said...

Thanks :)

Yes, a special macro lens is really important in these situations. If you have the money to spend for photographic equipment it's definitely worth the price.

3/2/09 20:11  

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