kolmapäev, november 21, 2007

Seened, Mushrooms


Blogger Yrsa said...

I started off checking your blog as to learn something, and I must say that the temptation to get a camera with a possibility to take macros grows day by day.

This picture reminds me of a childrens story about a snail living in a mushroom...

A beautiful picture and a funny idea with the snow hanging of the mushroom´s hat.

22/11/07 09:00  
Blogger Tanel said...


Actually I don't have the right lens to do macros. It is just a usual telephoto lens(300mm F4), although I think real macro lens would be helpful in many situations

22/11/07 20:33  
Blogger sjgpsyhho said...

Ka sinu pilte vaadates veetsin mõnusa tunni.Tänan!Kas tohin blogi aadressi Stefanile saata?

24/11/07 07:01  
Blogger Tanel said...

Jah, kindlasti tohib talle ka saata.

24/11/07 12:25  

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