neljapäev, mai 31, 2007

Mailane, Veronica


Blogger VIAJERO said...

The truth that each of the photos that are seen in your blog are of great quality. Have you some photo of the Baltic Sea? Or someone of an icon of Estonia?

1/6/07 20:33  
Blogger Tanel said...

I don't have any photos of Baltic Sea, but I could send you some photos of Estonia if you give me your e-mail address

2/6/07 19:27  
Anonymous kulm said...

...on see ikka kannike?

3/6/07 14:12  
Anonymous kulm said...

...uurisin - ehk mingi mailane.

3/6/07 14:20  
Blogger Tanel said...

Aitäh, et välja otsisid :) Tundub tõesti mingi mailase moodi rohkem

3/6/07 20:43  

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